HRT Turbo Heater Fan W/Reversible Switch

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Product Overview

This heater will blow heat from your turbo into your cab or reverse the switch and suck heat or dust out of the cab. The heater is perfect for our door window enclosures!

Pre-wired, 10 amp fused link, weather proof reversible LED switch, digital fan speed controller, on/off switch, battery quick release weather pack sealed connector so there is no need to pull the rear seat to remove wiring once installed! Just bolt the red wire to the positive battery post and black wire to the negative battery post!

Our Max Version has both extented wires to reach the front dash with standard rocker switch and power toggle,  fan speed and displaye are mounted to the bulkhead.  (You will have to drill or mount power toggle)

**For Can-Am XMR models you will need CVT tube modifications**

**Lifetime Warranty**

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review